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Reporting documents
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Reporting documents

Selectel provides several types of reporting documents:

Additionally, a monthly expenses-report is generated for the account, which is a document that reflects the history of debits from the balance, but is not a reporting document.

You may receive reporting documents in the form of:

  • copies — copies automatically appear in the dashboard and are sent to the account's email;
  • originals — to obtain originals, you must select a method of obtaining them.

If the account is registered to a physical person or a non-resident of the Russian Federation, only the UPD is provided as copies in the control panel.

Services of one account cannot be processed by different sets of reporting documents. If you need separate reporting for different services, create a new account and transfer the required services to it.

Types of documents

Universal transfer document

A universal transfer document (UTD) is a primary accounting document which combines an act of work performed and an invoice. The DDS confirms the fact that services have been rendered and their cost, and serves as the basis for tax and accounting records.

Only services paid by basic funds are displayed on the DDS. If the service was paid for with bonuses or VC bonuses, it will not appear in the DDS.

Formed monthly. Prior to January 1, 2024, provided in the form of a statement of work and invoice.

Reconciliation act

For your information

Not available for accounts registered to individuals and non-residents of the Russian Federation.

Reconciliation act is a document that shows information on received payments and amounts of services rendered from the beginning of the calendar year to the beginning of the reporting month. The reconciliation act can be used to obtain data on the status of financial mutual settlements, presence/absence of debts or overpayments.

The reconciliation statement may reflect the amount owed by the Selectel. This amount is not actually a debt: it has already been written off for payment for services, but it has not yet been closed by documents, because the paid period of rendering services does not coincide with the calendar month.

Formed monthly and quarterly. If you need a reconciliation statement for a different period, create a ticket.

Expenditure report

An expense report is a document that shows the history of debits from the balance sheet. An expense report is not a reportable document, but can be useful for keeping statistics on payments and other reporting.

The data in the expense report does not match the data in the DDS. The expense report records the amount of write-offs and the UPD records the cost of services actually rendered in the previous calendar months.

The report contains:

  • name of service;
  • the date the funds were debited for it;
  • the balance from which the payment was made;
  • the full cost of the service.

Formed monthly.

Deadlines and ways to receive reporting documents

In the control panel, copyTo email, copyBy EDI, original*By mail, original*
Reconciliation actMonthlyQuarterlyOnly on request

* If you requested to receive originals by this method.

Obtain copies of reporting documents

Facsimile copies are provided, which are not legally binding but may be used for financial statements and primary accounting records. When you receive the original reporting documents, you can attach them to your existing records.

Copies for the reporting month are generated within five working days of the new month.

In the control panel

In control panel (account menu → item Balance and Payments → section Reporting Documents) only the UPD appears monthly. Users with roles Account Owner, Account Administrator, Billing Administrator, Account Supervisor can download documents.

To email

A DDS and reconciliation statement are sent to email on a monthly basis. Documents are automatically sent to the primary email address and subscribers of the account notifications Accounting documents category.

Obtain original reporting documents

Two methods are available — EDM and mail. To receive original reporting documents, select a method of receiving originals.


If you choose EDI, all document management with Selectel will occur by this method.

We send the generated reporting documents within 10 working days after the end of the reporting period: UPD — monthly, reconciliation act — quarterly. You will need to accept and sign the documents.

If an error occurs when receiving documents due to Selectel's power of attorney for the signer, upload the signer's machine-readable power of attorney (MPO) into 1C. To obtain a machine-readable power of attorney:

Use instructions from 1C to load the power of attorney into 1C.

By mail

We issue a hard copy of the UPD on a monthly basis and send it to the address provided, with delivery taking four to six weeks. The reconciliation act is provided by post only on request.

Choose how you want to receive the originals

  1. From dashboard, open the account menu in the upper right corner and select Balance & Payments.
  2. Go to Reporting Documents.
  3. In the Settings block, click Change Settings.
  4. Select the method of receipt — Electronic Document Management, Mail or No Receipt.
  5. If you have selected Electronic Document Management, select an operator from the list. If the desired operator is not listed, select Other Operator and enter the operator's name.
  6. If you chose Mail, please provide an address. If the mailing address matches the actual address that is listed in the account (control panel → account menu in the upper right corner → Profile & SettingsProfile section), check the Mailing address matches actual address checkbox. If the mailing address is different from the actual address, enter the zip code and address.
  7. Click Save Changes. If you have selected electronic workflow or your mailing address does not match your actual address, a ticket will be automatically created. We will contact you in this ticket to verify the data and arrange shipment.

Get an expense report

You can view the report in control panel: in the upper right corner open menu (account number) → item Balance and Payments → section Reports. The report is generated and appears in the dashboard on a monthly basis.