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Payment Models
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Payment Models

Service fees are deducted from the required balance account according to the service payment model. Services may be billed under one of three models:

In order to continue using the services, you need to make sure that you have the right amount of money in your service balance by the time you are charged. You can set up balance notifications, autopayments or autobill generation for timely replenishment.

One-time payment

The service is paid once at the time of ordering and does not automatically renew. If the service is needed again, reorder it.

Rate plan

The service is billed according to a rate plan that determines the length of the paid period and the amount of payment per period. When ordering the service, the payment for the first period is deducted from the balance, further payments are deducted automatically at the beginning of each following period.

Services from the sections of the Network Services, Additional Services and Monitoring control panel can be paid in advance, before the next period.

To disable payment for a service plan, disable the service or disable the monthly payment. Disconnecting the monthly payment is a withdrawal from the service.

Pay for the service according to the tariff plan in advance

The function is available for services from the sections of the Network Services, Advanced Services, and Monitoring control panel.

  1. Open the Control Panel home page.
  2. In the Pending Payments block, expand the row of the desired service.
  3. From the payment menu, click Service Payment. The fee for the upcoming period will be deducted from the balance sheet.

Disable payment for services under the tariff plan

For your information

If you disable the dedicated server service, all additional services will be automatically disabled.

  1. Open the Control Panel home page.
  2. In the Pending Payments block, expand the row of the desired service.
  3. From the payment menu, click Disable Monthly Payment or Disable Service<дата>.
  4. Confirm that the payment has been deactivated.
  5. 14 days before the end of the paid period, the service will appear on the home page of your dashboard in the Finished within 2 weeks block.

Renew the service

As long as the service is in the Finished within 2 weeks block, you can extend it.

  1. Open the Control Panel home page.
  2. In the Finished within 2 weeks block, expand the row of the desired service.
  3. From the payment menu, click Include Monthly PaymentInclude Payment or Disable Service.


The service is billed every hour. Payment is calculated based on the actual consumption of resources for the previous hour. To order a service, replenish the balance from which it is paid.

To disable payment for pay-as-you-go products and services, delete all data, objects, and projects in the service.

Write-off procedure

For services with one-time-payment and billing-option:

  • if you order a service, or pay for it from a block of upcoming payments, if you have a full amount in different fund types you will be able to choose which fund type to use for payment. If there is sufficient amount on only one type of funds, the payment will be deducted from it;
  • if the service fee is automatically deducted for the second and subsequent periods of use, first bonuses are deducted, then VC bonuses, then fixed assets. The amount will be deducted from the funds that are sufficient to pay the full fare.

For services with payment by pay-as-you-go funds are always deducted automatically in the following order: bonuses, VC bonuses, basic funds. Funds may be written off in installments. If there are not enough bonuses, the rest will be debited from VC bonuses, and then from fixed assets.