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The account balance is the account from which services are paid according to payment models. You top-up balance, and funds are deducted from it when you order or renew services.

An account can have one of two balance types — either single or divided by service type. Each balance has three types of funds that can be used to pay for services — basic funds, bonuses and VC bonuses.

You can view balances and availability of funds in control panel: open the account menu in the upper right corner → Balances and PaymentsBilling Overview tab.

Types of balances

An account may have a united balance or multiple balances by service type.

Unified Balance Sheet

The account has one balance from which all services are paid.

Balances by type of service

Balances in the account are divided by service type:

The service is paid from one of the balances and does not affect the others, which allows you to control the costs of different services.


For example, cloud servers are paid from the cloud platform's balance — if it runs out of money, it won't affect the VMware-based cloud because it's paid from a different balance.

You can transfer funds from your primary balance to and from service balances.

You can switch from balances by service type to a single balance.

Types of funds on the balance sheet

Charge-off procedure depends on the payment model and charge-off method.

If your account uses balances-by-service-type, you can transfer funds of one type between balances (main funds to main, bonuses to bonuses, VC bonuses to VC bonuses).

View the balance of the service

You can view the status of the balance from which the service is paid from control panel. To do this, go to the section of this service, the balance is displayed at the top of the page.

If the account has united-balance, the balance can be viewed on any page.

Switch to a single balance

After the switch:

  • all funds will be transferred to a single balance according to their type (main funds to main funds, bonuses to bonuses, VC bonuses to VC bonuses);
  • If the cloud platform, VMware-based cloud, storage, and CDN balances were in arrears, they will be deducted from the primary balance;
  • if multiple balance notifications are configured, only the notification with the maximum threshold will remain;
  • autopayments will be scheduled to be moved to a single balance, only one autopayment will be moved for threshold autopayments.

To switch to a single balance:

  1. If you have more than one threshold autopayment connected, keep one autopayment and delete the others.
  2. From dashboard, open the menu (account number) in the upper right corner and select Balance & Payments.
  3. Go to Billing Overview.
  4. Click Move to a single balance.
  5. Check the terms and conditions of the transition and click Go.