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Regions, availability zones, and pools
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Regions, availability zones, and pools

With Selectel's products and services, you can create an infrastructure with all fault tolerance and security requirements taken into account.

Selectel's infrastructure is deployed in four countries and is divided into 6 regions, 10 availability zones and 24 pools.

To see the availability of Selectel products and services in different regions, please refer to availability matrix.


A region (example: `St. Petersburg') is a number of data centers, Selectel and partner data centers, that are located within the agglomeration of a major city. Data centers in one region are connected by fiber-optic communication line with data redundancy, minimal signal delay is ensured between data centers within the region. More information about data centers on the Data Centers page on

Each region is completely isolated from the others: separate connection to power lines, autonomous power and cooling sources, dedicated communication channels.

Selectel provides connectivity between regions through redundant high-capacity communication channels.

To host your app, we recommend choosing the region closest to your users as the primary region. You can place resources in different regions — then the infrastructure will be able to survive with minimal downtime possible failures in the ISP, for example, Internet outage at the border level, natural disasters and emergencies.

You can view the list of regions in the Selectel Infrastructure table.

Availability zone

An Availability Zone (example: Availability Zone 1) is one or more data centers within the same region. Each data center is equipped with autonomous power and cooling sources and its own redundant ultra-low latency communication link.

Selectel reserves all critical elements of the system in the availability zone: power supply, air conditioning, network infrastructure. Each availability zone is provided with 24-hour physical security and monitoring. Equipment maintenance operations are not conducted simultaneously in multiple availability zones of the same region.

We recommend reserving critical parts of your infrastructure in multiple availability zones. Availability zones do not have a single point of failure — only the point of failure of the entire region. This will protect your system in the event of a failure in one area, such as power outages in the data center, fire, and weather disasters.

You can view a list of availability zones in the Selectel Infrastructure table.


A pool (example: ru-9, SPB-4) is a piece of infrastructure in a single data center. There are multiple pools located in each data center and thus in the availability area. Each pool is isolated from hardware and software failures in other pools.

Network connectivity within the pool is provided by L2 connectivity. You can use Selectel global router to configure connectivity between pools.

Placing infrastructure in multiple pools protects against network hardware and software failures (e.g., network hardware failure or power circuit failure) and reduces the likelihood of data loss and service downtime. The single point of failure for pools is failures in the availability zone.

Pools are divided into pool segments (example: ru-2a, ru-8a) — groups of equipment in different racks within the same data center.

You can view a list of pools and segments in the Selectel Infrastructure table.

Certified accessibility zone

A gis-1 pool with a gis-1a segment is located in the certified availability zone.

Attested Availability Zone — the availability zone of Selectel's cloud platform that is compliant:

  • requirements of the Order of the FSTEC of Russia dated February 11, 2013. № 17;
  • requirements of the Order of the FSTEC of Russia dated February 18, 2013. № 21;
  • Special Requirements and Recommendations for Technical Protection of Confidential Information (STR-K, Order of the State Technical Commission No. 282 of 30.08.2002).

Suitable for placement:

  • state information systems (GIS) up to and including the first security class (K1);
  • personal data information systems (PDIS) up to and including the first level of security (UZ-1);
  • automated systems (AS) in a protected version of class 1G.

You can view the availability of products and services in the attested area in availability matrices.

Increase fault tolerance

You can improve infrastructure resiliency at the region, availability zone, pool, and additionally at the server level:

Learn more about improving resiliency in the Selectel blog article Four ways to improve infrastructure resiliency in Selectel.

Selectel Infrastructure

Availability Zone 1

Group of data centers "Tsvetochnaya"
Tsvetochnaya Street, 19
Availability Zone 2

Group of data centers "Dubrovka"
suburban settlement Dubrovka, Sovetskaya Street, 1
Pool and Segmentru-3
Segments: ru-3a, ru-3b
Segments: ru-1a, ru-1b, ru-1c
Segment: ru-9a