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Cloud to cloud migration with VMware Cloud Director Availability
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Cloud to cloud migration with VMware Cloud Director Availability

Cloud-to-cloud virtual machine migration can be done from one VMware Cloud Director® site to another or within the same Cloud Director from one virtual data center (vDC) to another.

  1. From Control Panel, open the Cloud Director panel: VMware-based CloudCloud Director.

  2. From the More menu, select Availability.

  3. Go to Outgoing Replications.

  4. Click (New migration) and select the virtual machine or vApp to migrate.

  5. In the Source VMs and vApps step, in the Destination Site field, click SELECTE SITE and select the Cloud Director site. It could be:

    • another organization, you will need to enter credentials to access the organization's Cloud Director (login is specified in the format administrator-<s-xxxx>@<s-xxxx>, where <s-xxxx> is the organization's name);
    • another virtual data center in the current Cloud Director.
  6. In the Destination VDC and Storage policy step, select the virtual data center at the remote site and the storage policy.

  7. Set a convenient time for the first synchronization.

  8. To save disk space on the remote site, eliminate unnecessary disks.

  9. If the remote site already has a previously imported copy of the replicated virtual machine, select it to reduce traffic.

  10. Wait for the initial data synchronization to complete.

  11. Press (Migrate).

  12. In the Migrate settings step, configure the settings for the running copy of the virtual machine at the remote site.

  13. Press Next.

  14. Check the settings and press Finish.

  15. To delete a migration task, under Outgoing Replications, check the box and select Delete replication from the ALL ACTIONS menu.