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Guest OS recastomization
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Guest OS recastomization

Guest OS customization — Changes the VM's operating system configuration to match the settings that are defined in the VMware Cloud Director® panel:

  • network settings;
  • SID;
  • administrator password.

Recustomization is needed to force reset and reapply settings. The entered parameters will be automatically registered in the system when the virtual machine is powered on.

OS customization and recustomization is possible only if the Open VM Tools for Linux or VMware Tools for Windows service is installed and running inside the virtual machine. All templates have this service by default, but you may need to manually install Open VM Tools when importing a machine.

Start a virtual machine with recastomization

  1. From Control Panel, open the Cloud Director panel: Cloud powered by VMwareCloud Director.
  2. Open the virtual data center page.
  3. Go to ComputeVirtual Machines.
  4. From the ACTIONS menu of the virtual machine, select PowerShut Down Guest OS. The VM will be shut down.
  5. From the ACTIONS menu of the virtual machine, select Power On, Force Recustomization.