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Create a virtual data center
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Create a virtual data center

A virtual data center is a collection of virtual cloud computing resources (processors, memory, disk capacity, networks). Virtual data centers are created within organization.

In the virtual center, you can create virtual machines, vApps, networks.

When you create a virtual data center, an Edge router of size Compact is automatically created.

By default, you can create a maximum of five virtual data centers. Virtual data centers have their own limits. The number and limits of virtual data centers can be increased.


Limits do not affect the cost of resources, but only limit the maximum level of consumption. To increase limits or the number of virtual data centers create a ticket.

Standard Limits:

Silver-1Gold-1Gold-1 (DR)Platinum-1
RAM500 GB500 GB500 GB500 GB
Memory5 TB3 TB2 TB3 TB

Create a virtual data center

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud powered by VMwareVirtual Data Centers.

  2. Click Create a virtual data center.

  3. Select cluster type:

    • GOLD-1 is a cluster with fast storage suitable for hosting high-load applications and databases;
    • SILVER-1 is a cluster with versatile storage and cost-optimized performance suitable for most applications;
    • PLATINUM-1 (only in Moscow region) — a cluster on processors with high base frequency and fast storage, suitable for hosting applications demanding CPU frequency and disk subsystem speed.
  4. If you selected the GOLD-1 cluster, select availability zone:

    • DUB3 (availability zone based on Dubrovka-3 data center) — placement in one availability zone (similar to SILVER-1 and PLATINUM-1 clusters);
    • CVT2 + DUB3 (availability zones based on data centers Dubrovka-3 and Tsvetnaya-2) — deployment in two availability zones as part of catastrophe-resilient solution.
  5. Click Create a virtual data center.

View the external IP address of the virtual data center

  1. From Control Panel, open the Cloud Director panel: Cloud powered by VMwareCloud Director.
  2. Open the virtual data center page.
  3. Go to NetworkingNetworks.
  4. Open the page of the desired Edge.
  5. Go to ConfigurationGateway Interfaces.
  6. In the Primary IP column, look for the external IP address.