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Create a backup policy
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Create a backup policy

A Backup Policy is a template for applying backup jobs (Backup Job) settings to one or more computers.

Read more about creating backup policies in the Veeam documentation:

Create a backup policy

  1. In the Veeam Service Provider Console portal, click Configuration in the upper right corner.

  2. Go to Backup Policies.

  3. Press New and select OS.

  4. In the Backup Policy Name section, enter a name for the policy.

  5. Press Next.

  6. Under Operation Mode, select the mode for the policy:

    • Server — for devices with server OS;
    • Workstation — for devices with desktop operating systems.
  7. Press Next.

  8. In the Backup Mode section, select what the backups will be created for:

    • Entire computer — backup the entire computer;
    • Volume level backup — disk backup;
    • File level backup — backup of individual files.
  9. Press Next.

  10. If you selected Volume level backup under Backup Mode, under Volumes select the disks and click Next.

  11. If you selected File level backup under Backup Mode, under Files select files and click Next.

  12. In the Destination section, select Veeam Cloud Connect repository.

  13. Press Next.

  14. In the Cloud Repository section, configure backup storage.

  15. Press Next.

  16. Under Backup Quota, leave the default settings and click Next.

  17. Optional: to keep the backup cache, under Backup Cache, check the Enable backup cache checkbox and configure a limit on its size.

  18. Press Next.

  19. Optional: in the Guest Processing section, configure guest OS processing.

  20. Press Next.

  21. Optional: To run backup jobs automatically, under Schedule, check the Run the job automatically checkbox and configure the schedule.

  22. Press Next.

  23. Under Summary, check the backup policy settings.

  24. Press Finish.