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View resource consumption statistics
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View resource consumption statistics

For more information about statistics, see the Cloud Connect Backup Resources in the Veeam documentation.

  1. On the Veeam Service Provider Console portal, go to MonitoringResources.

  2. To see statistics on backups, open the Backup tab and look at the metrics:

    • Used Storage Quota — shows how much space is used in the repository from the allocated quota;
    • Stored Workloads — shows the number of recovery points stored in the cloud repository;
    • Data Transfer Out — shows the amount of data that has been downloaded from the cloud repository during the current billing period.
  3. To see statistics on virtual machine replicas, open the Replication tab and look at the metrics:

    • Cloud Host CPU Ratio — Shows the number of virtual machine replicas and the number of vCPUs used by the replicas;
    • Cloud Host Memory — shows how much space virtual machine replicas take up from the allocated quota;
    • Cloud Host Storage — shows the amount of space allocated for virtual machine replicas.