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Connect backup by agents
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Connect backup by agents

  1. Order Agent Backup Service.
  2. Connect to the Veeam Service Provider Console portal.
  3. Download management agent.
  4. Install the management agent.
  5. Install the backup agent.
  6. Configure backup.

1. Order the service Backup by agents

  1. In Control Panel, go to Additional ServicesVeeam Agent.
  2. Click Order Veeam Agent service.
  3. Specify the number of agents.
  4. Specify the amount of space in the repository (can be a multiple of 50 GB).
  5. Click Pay.
  6. We will create a ticket and send you login and password details to access the Veeam Service Provider Console portal.

2. Connect to the portal

For more information about working with the portal, see Working with Veeam Service Provider Console.

  1. Open the Veeam Service Provider Console portal (
  2. In the Username field, enter portal access credentials from ticket: Company\User.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Press Log in.

3. Download Management Agent

  1. On the Veeam Service Provider Console, go to DiscoveryManaged Computers.

  2. Open the Discovered Computers tab.

  3. Click Download Agent and select your operating system.

  4. Specify the desired period of validity of the installation script and click Download. The installation script will be loaded locally:

    • Linux: file
    • Windows: ManagementAgent.exe file

4. Install the management agent

Once connected, the management agent will be available in the Veeam Service Provider Console portal for install-backup-agent and configure-backup.

  1. Copy the installation script to the desired server.

  2. Install the management agent:

    sudo ./''
  3. Open the configuration file of the management agent (/etc/veeamma/config.cfg).

  4. For the vcf_handshake_timeout parameter, specify a value of 120000.

  5. Restart the management agent:

    sudo veeamconsoleconfig --restart_service
  6. Check the status of the connection:

    sudo veeamconsoleconfig -s
  7. If the management agent fails to connect, it will retry until it successfully connects. You can initiate a premature connection attempt by restarting the agent:

    sudo veeamconsoleconfig --restart_service

5. Install backup agent

  1. On the Veeam Service Provider Console, go to DiscoveryManaged Computers.
  2. Open the Discovered Computers tab.
  3. Check all nodes with management agents connected.
  4. Click Install Backup Agent.
  5. In the Backup Agent Setup window, select a backup policy or create a new one. You'll be able to edit the policy or choose another one later.
  6. Press Apply.

6. Configure backup

You can customize backup rules and schedules:

When configuring Retention Policy in the backup policy (step 8), consider that the last known retention policy is applied to all backups for which the retention period is specified in days. If you delete or disable the backup policy, backups will be deleted after a specified number of days. To prevent this from happening, opt for point-of-use storage.