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Service Description Cloud powered by VMware backup service
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Service Description Cloud powered by VMware backup service

VMware-based cloud backup is an additional service to VMware-based public cloud.

The service allows you to backup and restore virtual machines and entire vApps, it is not suitable for Named Disks backups.

Technical description

The backup repository is physically located in Availability Zone 2.

Backup files are replicated in three independent copies.

To improve availability, all elements of the Veeam Backup & Replication™ (VBR) infrastructure are either duplicated or deployed in fault-tolerant virtualization environments.

Channel speed to VBR servers is not limited. Network bandwidth up to 20 Gbps.


The backup service is billed on a pay-as-you-go model. Every hour, the cost of storing backups for each virtual machine and the cost of the repository space that backups take up are deducted from the balance. Traffic is not charged.

Money starts to be deducted from the balance after a successful backup is created. Resource prices can be viewed at

Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager portal

Backup management (creating a backup, changing the backup schedule or restoring the required VM) is performed through the Veeam® Backup Enterprise Manager self-service portal. Access to the portal is automatically connected when you create a virtual data center.

Authorize on the portal

  1. In Control Panel, go to VMware-based CloudBackup.
  2. Click Customize Backup. You will be redirected to the backup portal.
  3. Authorize with a login and password for Cloud Director.

Sections of the portal

DashboardStatistics on objects, backup operations and available disk space for backups
JobsCreate and configure backup jobs
VMsRestore virtual machines
FilesRestore individual files
ItemsApplication item-level recovery for MS SQL Server and Oracle databases (additional configuration is required, to specify conditions, create a ticket

Dashboard section

Job data is displayed as a graph with the time and date of job execution, as well as network bandwidth during job execution. Statistics for the last 24 hours and the last 7 days are available.

ProtectedvAppsDisplays the number of vApps for which recovery points were successfully created during the specified period
VMsDisplays the number of VMs for which at least one recovery point exists
VMs sizeTotal size of successfully processed source virtual machines
JobsJobsNumber of jobs, created by an authorized administrator
Max durationMax duration
Average speedAverage data transfer speed
Backup StorageStatusStatus of free space in the repository (green — more than 10% free space; yellow — less than 10% free space; red — no free space)
QuotaAssigned quotas
UsedSpace that backups occupy in the repository
Last 24 hours / Last 7 daysPerformance results for the corresponding period