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Dedicated server networks
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Dedicated server networks

Dedicated servers are connected to Selectel's network infrastructure by default and can be connected to:

Some Chipcore Line servers only connect to the public network, you cannot connect them to the local network.

Separate network interfaces (aggregated network interface group) are used to connect the server to the public and private network:

  • Internet port,
  • port for the local network.

You can view the server port information in control panel on the server page → Ports tab.

Once ordered, the server is included in a shared VLAN for the public network and a dedicated VLAN for the private network. One VLAN is allocated per account for private networking in the same pool. You can view a list of all VLANs in the Control Panel under Servers and HardwareNetworkVLAN tab.

You may need to configure network interfaces on server to connect to the network.

If a dedicated server is not available over the network, you can connect to it via KVM-console. For Chipcore Line servers, you can order the optional service IP-KVM Connection for 3 hours or boot to recovery and diagnostic mode.

A server of arbitrary configuration can be disconnected from the public network. To do so, create a ticket. After disabling install OS on server by autoinstall will not be possible.

Dedicated servers are under Selectel DDoS protection by default. For a public dedicated VLAN, you can connect basic-firewall for free.

Public network

Public networks are used for servers to access the Internet using public IP addresses.

The server is automatically included in the shared VLAN for the public network and is allocated one IPv4 public address from the shared subnet. Other clients' servers are also on the shared subnet, and servers in the same account can fall into different shared subnets. For security, IP address spoofing protection is used on the shared subnet.

To obtain additional IP addresses order a dedicated subnet and configure it. When ordering a dedicated subnet, IP addresses will be allocated to the account by a separate VLAN. No more than one dedicated VLAN for public networking in the same pool is allocated per account.

Dedicated subnet IP addresses can be used on account servers that are in the same pool (IP addresses only work within the same pool). When ordering a dedicated subnet, you can use either an address from a shared subnet or a dedicated subnet. You cannot use both IP addresses at the same time.

To view the VLAN that is assigned to a port, go to Control Panel on the server page → Ports tab.

The network interface on the server will be configured automatically only when the OS is automatically installed. When installing the OS from its own image, you must configure the network interface on the server manually.

Network settings (IP address, subnet mask, default gateway) can be viewed on the subnet page in Control Panel. To do this, go to Servers and HardwareNetwork to the Subnet tab and click on the desired subnet.

When setting up your network, you can use public DNS or Selectel DNS:,

All traffic (incoming, outgoing) that passes through the Internet port is summarized and charged according to traffic consumption model.

The network limits are set on the ports:

  • for the number of MAC addresses — 25 MAC addresses per switch port;
  • for broadcast traffic — 10 MB/sec per port for each separate type of traffic.

Private network

Private (local) networks do not have access to the Internet and are used to connect servers to each other inside the data center.

Traffic in the local network is not charged.

In a single pool, all servers (except for some Chipcore Line servers) are interconnected in a simple L2-local network through Selectel switches. After ordering, the server will be automatically included in the VLAN for the LAN. One VLAN is allocated per account for the LAN in the same pool. If more VLANs are needed, you can configure Q-in-Q.

To see which VLAN is assigned to a port, go to Control Panel on the server page → Ports tab.

A private L2 network is used to create network connectivity between dedicated servers that are located in the same pool. To configure it, specify the same VLAN on the local port of each server and configure the servers for the same addressing.

To create network connectivity between dedicated servers in different pools and/or with other Selectel products use Selectel Global Router.

To use local networking configure local addressing on network interfaces in the server OS.

Network to third-party operator

Many telecom operators have a point of presence in Selectel data centers. You can organize a direct connection to them using the Direct Connect service:

  • Direct Connect — physical port — A port lease on a Selectel Access Switch. At the same time, the client shall organize the connection on the part of the service provider (clarification of the possibility of connection to Selectel, checking of crossing, payment for communication channels, etc.) on his/her own;
  • Direct Connect — logical port — A lease of a pre-raised, reserved connection between Selectel and a partner backbone carrier.

Blocked Ports

To secure Selectel's infrastructure from malicious network activity, blocked some TCP/UDP ports, including 25 (mailings).

If the port does not fall under the above restrictions, check its availability on the OS side using the Nmap utility.