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Dedicated server configurations
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Dedicated server configurations

Configuration is a description of the technical characteristics of the server (CPU model, amount of RAM, number, capacity and type of ROM, number and type of network interfaces).

Dedicated servers come in two types of configurations:

For servers of custom configuration, you can add graphics processing units (GPUs).

For projects with lower availability requirements, you can choose a Chipcore Line prebuilt configuration server or build a custom configuration Chipcore Line server.

You can view the availability of configuration types in regions in the [Dedicated Servers] availability matrix(/control-panel-actions/availability-matrix.mdx#dedicated-servers).

Off-the-shelf configuration servers

Assembled and rack-mounted in advance, ready to go from two minutes after order (not including OS installation time). The servers of the Prebuilt Configuration are divided into линейки, which differ in technical characteristics.

After ordering a server, you can make an upgrade.


  • Chipcore Line — low-cost entry-level servers, used for projects with reduced availability requirements, can be without LAN connection and KVM console. View detailed configuration information at конфигураторе when ordering a server. To access the KVM console, order the service IP-KVM Connection for 3 hours;
  • Entry Line — initial configuration servers for small projects, startups and small businesses;
  • Advanced Entry Line — Advanced number of server configurations for small projects, startups and small businesses;
  • Business Line — performance servers for medium-sized businesses and minor projects in the corporate segment;
  • AMD Line — powerful servers based on AMD processors to host high-load services or applications;
  • ARM Line — servers based on processors built on the ARM architecture. An alternative to x86 servers. Great for multithreading and databases;
  • Performance Line — high-performance servers for building virtualization clusters, complex systems and infrastructure projects, servers with high-speed network (10GE MC-LAG);
  • Graphic Line — servers with graphic gas pedals for GPU computing and solving graphic tasks;
  • Storage Line — Servers for storing large amounts of data;
  • Discount Line — discount servers with an attractive price from legacy lines.

Servers of arbitrary configuration

Assembled to order at our in-house assembly facility, ready to go in one to five business days. The components are selected in the configurator when ordering a server.

The configurator allows you to select only compatible components. During the build process, each server is tested for stability. This allows you to identify potential problems before the server is handed over. Read more in Selectel's blog article How we build custom servers: from configurator to testing.

After ordering a server, you can change server configuration.

Select configuration

Prebuilt Configuration ServersCustom Configuration ServersChipcore Line Prebuilt Configuration ServersChipcore Line Custom Configuration Servers
Automatic OS installation from the Selectel Control Panel
Booting the server into Rescue mode
Possibility to buy additional IPv4 addresses
Ability to purchase additional IPv6 addresses
Ability to work with KVM-console
Private networking of servers**
Possibility to modify configuration after ordering

* For some Chipcore Line servers, LAN connection is not available.