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Order a dedicated server of prebuilt configuration
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Order a dedicated server of prebuilt configuration

After ordering, you can only do component upgrade — disks, memory, GPU.

For assistance with component selection, create a ticket or contact us.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and colocationServers.

  2. Click Order Server. If you don't already have a dedicated server, the order page will open automatically.

  3. Optional: specify filtering parameters and compare suitable servers.

  4. Select a server. Configuration information is displayed in the server card.

  5. Click on the server card.

  6. On the Checkout tab, check the server information and select:

    • region, pool, only pools where configuration is available will be displayed;
    • operating system for autoinstall and its configuration. If you want to install the OS yourself from your image, select No OS — boot. You can install and reinstall the OS after the server is handed over;
    • for Linux servers SSH key. You can add a new public SSH key or select one from the repository for SSH keys;
    • user data. The field is not available for all operating systems;
    • traffic consumption model;
    • payment plan;
    • number of servers. If the quantity you require is out of stock, please click Check for availability;
    • For a server with a public network, specify the settings for the public IP address. By default, the server will be included in public VLAN.
  7. Optional: On the Additional Services tab, see the list of additional services available for the configured server. Services can be ordered after the server is handed over.

  8. Click Pay Now.

  9. Top-up basic balance.

  10. Click Pay.

After ordering

Within minutes after payment, the server will be prepared: power check, network configuration, and OS installation will be started. The OS installation process takes 15 to 60 minutes, if it takes longer — create a ticket.

When the server is up and running, an email will arrive with the parameters for connect (login, password link, public IP address of the server). Also, the settings for connecting to the server can be viewed in control panel on the server page → Operating System tab.

The server password will be available for viewing 24 hours from the date of server handover. If you forget your password, you can reset and recover password.

If you select a server with a high-speed network (10GE MC-LAG), link aggregation will need to be configured on the server.

The list of ordered servers is displayed in control panel, section Servers and colocationServers as cards.

The server card displays the name, identifier (ID) brief information about the server, and basic operations: KVM console, reboot, power management, and reorder.

Clicking on the server card opens the server page. On the server page you can:


When a server is handed over, it is automatically allocated one IPv4 public address from a shared subnet. Optionally, you can order a dedicated block of IPv4 addresses and IPv6 addresses. To do this, go to Servers and colocationNetwork in the Control Panel.