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Change the configuration of the dedicated server
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Change the configuration of the dedicated server

You can only change the configuration after ordering for custom configuration server. For a prebuilt configuration server (except Chipcore Line servers), you can do a component upgrade — disks, memory, GPU.

You can reinstall the OS manually or by automatic installation at any time.

Change arbitrary server configuration

When changing the configuration, please note the [specifics of component replacement](#peculiarities-of-component-replacement](#peculiarities-of-payment-in-case-of-configuration-change) and specifics-of-payment-in-case-of-configuration-change.

  1. In the Control panel, go to the custom configuration server page → Configuration tab.
  2. Click Change Configuration.
  3. Make the changes.
  4. Once the new components are selected, a block will appear with the updated configuration cost.
  5. Click Change Configuration.
  6. Click Pay.
  7. After payment, a ticket with a request to change the server configuration will be generated. Wait for a Selectel employee to respond. He will clarify the details and request confirmation for replacement components.

Features of component replacement

  • you can't replace the processor. Order a new server if you need to replace a processor or number of processors;
  • installation of additional disks is performed without stopping and rebuilding the server if there are free garbage cans;
  • installation of additional RAM (RAM) or PCI-e (if their number fits into the current platform) is performed with server shutdown, but does not require rebuilding;
  • replacement of the enclosure and increasing the number of disks to more than the enclosure can accommodate, is performed with the rebuild of the server and payment of the installation fee;
  • if U.2 disks cannot be ordered, verify that the server has an HBA for U.2 disks and an enclosure with suitable baskets. Some motherboards support direct NVMe connectivity without an HBA.

Specifics of payment when changing the configuration

When changing the configuration for a server, the following payment scheme is used:

  • during change ordering, the system calculates the difference between the cost of the current and new configuration for the paid period according to the billing option;
  • If the cost of the new configuration is more than the cost of the current configuration, the system will freeze funds on the client's balance in the amount of this difference and the cost of the installation fee;
  • after the server is available for operation, the system calculates how much resources were actually spent and deducts the corresponding amount from the frozen funds, the remaining funds are unfrozen and returned to the balance.

Server upgrade of ready-made configuration

For your information

The functionality is in beta testing mode. Not available for servers in regions Novosibirsk, Tashkent, Almaty, Nairobi.

Down time on an upgrade ranges from 30 to 90 minutes. The server will be displayed in control panel with the status "No power information".

We recommend copying the data before replacing the disk. When replacing Selectel does not perform a data transfer, the data on the disk is deleted and cannot be recovered.

Server upgrades can be canceled. This will return the server to its previous configuration. A second upgrade in this case will be available after two months.

  1. In Control Panel, go to the Prebuilt Configuration Server page → Configuration tab.
  2. Press Upgrade.
  3. Describe what components need to be replaced or added. On the right side, all available accessories will be displayed. Only components with higher performance can be replaced.
  4. Click Submit Application.
  5. After that, a ticket will be generated with a request to upgrade the server configuration. Wait for a Selectel employee to respond. He will clarify the details and request confirmation for replacement components.

Specifics of payment for configuration upgrade

When upgrading the configuration, the cost of new components is added to the current cost of the server. The cost of components that have been replaced will be deducted.


For example, the cost of a server is 15,000 ₽/month. The component upgrade request says to replace the 240 GB SSD SATA drive (1,200 ₽) with a 480 GB SSD SATA drive (2,100 ₽) and add a 960 GB SSD SATA drive (3,800 ₽). The cost of the server in this case will be: 15,000 ₽ — 1,200 ₽ + 2,100 ₽ + 3,800 ₽ = 19,700 ₽/month.