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KVM console
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KVM console

KVM console (IPMI) — An interface for server administration and management of a dedicated server regardless of CPU, BIOS, or operating system operation. It is implemented based on the BMC controller built into the motherboard. Used for maintenance and remote management of the server when it cannot be accessed via SSH or RDP.

Read more about IPMI in the Selectel blog article IPMI — Technology Overview.

The default KVM console is available for every dedicated server except Chipcore Line servers. For them, you can connect additional service Temporary IP-KVM connection for Chipcore Line servers.

Connect to the server via KVM console can only be done from the server card in the control panel.

Operations are available in the KVM console menu:

  • full screen display mode of the console;
  • turn on, turn off, reboot the server;
  • to pass the keyboard shortcut;
  • reconnect to the console.

Connect to the server via KVM console

For different servers, the connection process and interface for controlling the server through the KVM console may vary slightly. This depends on the type of server motherboard and the Navy controller built into it.

If you launch the KVM console of the same server multiple times, you can only enter text on the tab you opened first.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and HardwareServers.
  2. Open the Server List tab.
  3. In the server card, click . The KVM console will launch in a new browser tab. If required, expand-the-kvm-console-window.
  4. If you have an X8DTU motherboard, synchronize-cursor.
  5. If the KVM console asks for permission to run, confirm the permission by clicking Run.
  6. If the KVM console requests authorization, successively place the cursor in the Username and Password field and click on username and password in the lower right corner of the window. The values in the fields will be substituted automatically. If you don't see the buttons in the lower right corner, reconnect to the console.
  7. When the KVM console control panel appears in front of you, select Remote control from the left menu. On the remote access page, click Launch H5Viewer.
  8. Authorize on the server. You can view login (username) and password (password) in Control Panel under Servers and HardwareServers → Server page → Operating System tab → Login and Password field. The password is available for review 24 hours from the start of the OS installation or configuration change. If you are connecting to a Windows server, make sure that the English layout is enabled on the server when you enter the password.

Working with KVM console

Expand the KVM console window

  1. In the KVM console window, open the OptionsPreference menu.
  2. Open the Window tab.
  3. Clear the Auto resize window checkbox.
  4. Press Okay. A button will appear in the upper right corner to expand the KVM console window.
  5. Expand the window.

Synchronize cursor

For servers with the X8DTU motherboard, you must synchronize the cursor each time you connect.

  1. Make sure you have an X8DTU motherboard. If you have a different motherboard — create a ticket.
  2. In the KVM console window, open the Mouse menu.
  3. Clear the Synchronize Cursor checkbox.
  4. Check the Synchronize Cursor checkbox.