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Modify the rack for a dedicated server
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Modify the rack for a dedicated server

When you order any server, it will be located in a rack in server room.

prebuilt configuration servers, including Chipcore, are rack-mounted in advance. Servers of arbitrary configuration are installed in free rack spaces after ordering. When ordering multiple servers, our algorithm analyzes the technical capabilities at the time of ordering and tries to place servers in different racks to improve fault tolerance.

Each rack has three points of failure: internet port, local port, and power. In extremely rare cases, the function of the rack may be impaired. If downtime in service operation even for a few minutes is critical — we recommend to arrange servers in such a way that servers of one project are located in different racks. This will minimize the risk of service unavailability in the event of a rack failure.

You can view the current server location and submit a request to move a server to another rack in Control Panel, Servers and colocationServers tab Server Location.

Move the server to another rack

Moving servers between racks is done within the same pool.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and colocationServers on the Server Location tab.
  2. Select the rack from which you want to migrate the server and click Request Server Migration.
  3. Select the server(s) to migrate.
  4. Provide additional information in the Comment field. Describe the task in detail (which rack to move the server to; server location preferences; racks that cannot be moved to, etc.), so we will be able to offer suitable solutions faster.
  5. Click Request Transfer.
  6. Expect a response to the request. The ticket will notify you that it is technically possible to migrate the server, and will request a time to migrate. When the server is moved to another rack, the ticket will receive a notification.