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General information about Selectel Global Router service
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General information about Selectel Global Router service

For your information

Infrastructure in regions Tashkent, Almaty and Nairobi cannot be interconnected with other regions using a global router, only inter-region interconnection is available.

The Global Router allows the infrastructure in Selectel to be interconnected by a private network at the L3 level.

Through a global router, you can merge:

For smooth operation, all equipment used for the service is booked on an N+1 basis.

The service supports user types and roles.

Working principle

A global router routes traffic between private subnets connected to it, providing L3-level network connectivity between different services and different pools.

The role of the global router is played by a separate routing table located on multiple physical routers. For this purpose, a separate physical router is allocated and reserved in each pool that serves only the global router networks. These physical routers are aggregated into a single routing domain over IP/MPLS.

Network fault tolerance is provided through equipment redundancy, dynamic routing protocols, and routing redundancy in the network. The operability of the entire network does not depend on the operability of an individual segment. For example, if communication with one of the pools is disrupted, the rest of the network will continue to operate.

Example of connecting networks to a global router:

Example of connecting networks to a global router
Example of connecting networks to a global router

The details and benefits of L3-level network connectivity are described in the blog article Unifying Projects in Different Data Centers.


The account has limits on the number of routers and networks and subnets on a single router. To change limits, create a ticket.

  • 5 global routers (5 independent private routed networks);
  • up to 50 networks in each global router;
  • Up to 50 private subnets (IP subnets) in one network;
  • up to 50 static routes for a global router;
  • all networks connected to the same router must not have overlapping subnets (the available IP addresses of each subnet must not overlap with the IP addresses of other subnets).


Selectel Global Router is free of charge if:

  • infrastructure is consolidated within one region;
  • or a bandwidth of no more than 1 Gbps is used between regions.

If you're already using a bo~~~~~larger lane, we'll contact you in ticket and negotiate customized terms.