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Connect VRRP gateway redundancy
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Connect VRRP gateway redundancy

VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) is a network protocol that is designed to increase the availability of routers that act as the default gateway. This is accomplished by combining a group of routers into a single virtual router and assigning them a common IP address that will be used as the default gateway for the computers on the network. Two access routers are installed in each pool to support the protocol.

VRRP can be configured within a single pool. Setup is free of charge.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and colocationServers.
  2. Open the server page → Ports tab.
  3. Open the subnet page.
  4. In the Gateway Reservation field, click Connect.
  5. Select two free IP addresses that are not in use on your hosts.
  6. Confirm that the selected IP addresses are free. Check the box I confirm that the selected IP addresses are free (selecting IP addresses already in use will prevent them from working).
  7. Press Connect redundancy.
  8. Once connected, the Gateway Reservation field will display the selected IP addresses.