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Object storage fee and pricing model
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Object storage fee and pricing model


To pay for object storage resources, depending on the balance type in the account, united-balance or storage and CDN balance is used. Money is deducted from your balance every hour according to payment-model.

You can pay for computing resources with different types of funds: basic funds, bonuses or VK bonuses.

Before you start using the storage top-up balance.

Payment Model

Object storage is paid for using the pay-as-you-go model — payment for resources consumed is deducted every hour.

As long as there are uploaded objects in the storage, it is charged — to stop charging, delete all data.

Blocking resources if there is not enough money on the balance

If there is not enough money in the balance to pay for the consumed resources for the previous hour, the operation of the object storage is suspended:

  • access to data (read, change) is blocked;
  • storage-volume continues to be charged.

Data will be retained for 30 calendar days. If the money is not received, all data will be deleted with no possibility of recovery.

You can set up balance notifications and auto-replenishment to ensure that you always have enough money in your balance.


You can view prices for resources and calculate the approximate cost of using object storage using the calculator at

Cost is affected by storage-class and resource consumption:

Storage classes

The storage class affects the price of each resource:

  • cold storage — suitable for storing rarely used data. Low storage price, but expensive API requests and outbound traffic. Resource prices are fixed for any volume of consumption;
  • standard storage — suitable for storing and distributing frequently used data. High price for storage, but cheap API requests and outbound traffic. Resource prices depend on the volume of consumption (except for API request prices).

Technically and in terms of speed, the classes are the same.

Number of requests to API

Requests to the API are sent for any data operations.

GET, HEAD, PUT, POST, COPY requests are charged.

DELETE requests and requests to which HTTP response with codes 403, 500, 501, 502, 503, 504 is returned are not charged.

Outgoing traffic volume

Traffic from storage to the Internet (viewing and downloading objects) is charged.

Traffic within Selectel and incoming traffic is not charged.

Storage capacity

Every hour the balance is debited for the current amount of storage. When using segmented-upload, the object segments and manifest file are charged. You can view the current amount of data in the storage in dashboard under the heading Object StorageContainers.

When calculating consumption per day or month, the storage consumed for each hour (MB/hour) is totaled. If the storage volume has been changed, for standard storage, the charge for hours after the change will be the same as the new volume.

Empty containers also take up storage space (4KB) and are charged.

View consumption

You can view resource consumption in control panel under Object StorageResource Consumption. If storage objects are distributed via CDN, see consumption under CDNDisbursements.

The data are presented in the form of consumption and payment schedules. You can view consumption on the Consumed tab for all types of resources and sort the graphs by the required time interval.

Reporting documents

You can receive accounting documents after charging money for the use of object storage.