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Product Description Object Storage
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Product Description Object Storage

Object Storage — Selectel's service for storing and distributing unlimited amounts of unstructured and semi-structured data.

Object store data is stored in pool ru-1.

Object storage is governed by terms of use and by default complies with 152-FZ.

The product supports user types and roles.

How to work with object storage

It is possible to work with the repository:

  • via S3 API, Swift API, and Selectel Storage API. You can use various tools (Rclone, AWS CLI, s3cmd, and others) to work through the API;
  • via FTP. It uses the Swift API to translate requests into object storage;
  • via Selectel Control Panel, which makes requests to object storage via the Swift API and Selectel Storage API. The control panel has limitations for working with a large number of objects and with objects of large size.

Tasks to be solved

Object storage is versatile, it can be used for:

  • Distribution of static information (site and application data), data streaming, etc. д. You can connect CDN to speed up data distribution;
  • backup storage and archives. You can set up scheduled server backups to move important data to the vault;
  • big data storage for machine learning and analytics;
  • placement of static sites.

Working principle

Object storage is built on the basis of a software-defined distributed data storage system. Data in the repository is stored as objects and replicated to three independent servers that are located in different racks.

Objects are stored in containers and inherit their settings.

The object store has a flat address structure — there are no folders or hierarchy in the store, so you can quickly access objects over HTTP.

Each object in the repository contains:

  • data;
  • a unique identifier that is used by the hash function to determine the location of the object;
  • metadata. You can add your own metadata to realize your own data storage and processing system.