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Provides a list of tokens for Prometheus available in Managed Databases. For more information about tokens for Prometheus, see the official Selectel documentation for PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL for 1C, PostgreSQL TimescaleDB, MySQL semi-sync, MySQL sync, Redis, and Kafka.

Example Usage

data "selectel_dbaas_prometheus_metric_token_v1" "token_1" {
project_id = selectel_vpc_project_v2.project_1.id
region = "ru-3"

Argument Reference

Attributes Reference

  • prometheus_metrics_tokens - List of tokens for Prometheus.

    • id - Unique identifier of the token.

    • created_at - Time when the token was created.

    • updated_at - Time when the token was updated.

    • project_id - Unique identifier of the associated Cloud Platform project. Learn more about Cloud Platform projects.

    • name - Token name.

    • value - Token value.