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Provides a list of supported Kubernetes versions for a Managed Kubernetes cluster. For more information about Managed Kubernetes, see the official Selectel documentation.

Example Usage

data "selectel_mks_kube_versions_v1" "versions" {
project_id = selectel_vpc_project_v2.project_1.id
region = "ru-3"

output "latest_version" {
value = data.selectel_mks_kube_versions_v1.versions.latest_version

output "default_version" {
value = data.selectel_mks_kube_versions_v1.versions.default_version

output "versions" {
value = data.selectel_mks_kube_versions_v1.versions.versions

Argument Reference

  • project_id - (Required) Unique identifier of the associated Cloud Platform project. Retrieved from the selectel_vpc_project_v2 resource. Learn more about Cloud Platform projects.

  • region - (Required) Pool where the cluster is located, for example, ru-3.

Attributes Reference

  • latest_version - The most recent version.

  • default_version - Kubernetes version used by default.

  • versions - List of the supported versions.