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General information about 1C license rental service
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General information about 1C license rental service

1C lease is an opportunity to lease 1C licenses in products on a monthly basis:

The server where the licenses will be hosted must have a Linux or Windows operating system installed. You can connect to the 1C program on the server via a web client, thin client and thick client (configurator).

What is included in the service

  • 1C licenses for workstations (user licenses) and application server licenses;
  • activation of leased licenses by our specialists;
  • typical 1C application solutions (configurations), are provided only when leasing user licenses.

We do not install or configure 1C programs on your equipment. Instructions for working with 1C can be found in official 1C documentation.

If you need to migrate, create, customize and support your 1C infrastructure, order the administered services service.


Leased licenses are paid on a monthly basis.

Licenses are activated within three business days of the first payment. The first paid month starts from the day of activation, then the fee is automatically deducted at the beginning of each following month.

The united-balance or basic-balance is used to pay for licenses depending on the balance type in the account.

Prices can be viewed at