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General information about the Service Administration service
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General information about the Service Administration service

Service Administration is a group of services for software configuration, performance optimization and maintenance. The services are aimed at maintaining services and web applications deployed on Selectel's infrastructure or in third-party data centers.

Services are provided by Selectel's service administration team. The team includes: DevOps engineers, information systems architects, system administrators.

The process of interaction and timing of services shall be determined by the SLA.

Service administration services

Basic Administration

The service includes:

  • incident management;
  • reconfiguration of services with preliminary assessment and consultation on requested changes;
  • creating backups and restoring from working backups;
  • control of user accounts and access rights;
  • network and firewall administration;
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring;
  • maintenance of both individual services (websites, databases, 1C) and the entire corporate infrastructure.

DevOps as a Service

The service includes:

  • Logging setup, including correct log collection and storage optimization (Grafana Loki, ELK);
  • storage setup (DCS), including configuration management, backup, clustering (redis, PERCONA, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and DCS: etcd, Consul);
  • setting up and maintaining configuration of balancers (HAProxy, nginx);
  • Setup, deploy and maintain configuration of orchestration systems (GitLab, Kubernetes, Docker);
  • development and refactoring of helm charts, consulting on pipeline CI/CD work (werf, HELM);
  • setting up queue managers, including configuration management, backup, clustering (kafka, RabbitMQ);
  • Description, deployment and infrastructure management (IaC) of configuration management systems (Terraform, Ansible).

Database Administrator

DBMSs supported: MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Clickhause, Timescale, GreenPlum.

The service includes:

  • managing access to the database and its configuration;
  • 24-hour monitoring;
  • audit and optimization of query execution;
  • failure analysis;
  • installing updates for DBMS services;
  • cluster resource management.

Administration of security features

The service includes:

  • 24-hour monitoring;
  • diagnostics and troubleshooting;
  • configuring firewall policies;
  • configuring address translation rules;
  • routing configuration;
  • backup of network configurations;
  • software update;
  • analyzing logs to find vulnerabilities;
  • VPN connection configuration;
  • setting up fault tolerance of protection means;
  • Configuring link layer switching (VLAN).

Transferring projects to Selectel

The service includes:

  • Analysis and evaluation of a project being migrated from a third-party data center or on-premises infrastructure;
  • selection of an infrastructure solution in Selectel;
  • drafting TORs for the transfer;
  • execution of the transfer work;
  • Verification of operability and network connectivity.


To see prices for service administration services, please visit the services pages on

The cost of "Project migration" and "DataBase Administrator" services is calculated individually. For the "Project Transfer" service, the cost is determined based on the results of analysis and assessment of the complexity of the project to be transferred. Transferring projects can be done free of charge. The conditions for free project transfer can be viewed at

To calculate the cost, create a ticket or leave a request online.

Order Services

To order service administration services, create a ticket or leave a request online.