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Order and activate licenses
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Order and activate licenses

  1. In Control Panel, go to Servers and colocationServers.

  2. Open the server page → Services tab.

  3. In the Software Licenses block, in the 1C Licenses row, click Connect.

  4. Select 1C version — PROF or CORP.

  5. Specify the required number of user and server licenses.

  6. Select a protocol to connect to the server depending on its OS:

    • Linux — SSH;
    • Windows — RDP.
  7. Enter the public IP address to access the server.

  8. Enter the login name of a user with administrator privileges.

  9. Enter your password.

  10. Optional: in the Comment field, enter any additional information, such as what time we can connect to the server to activate licenses.

  11. Check the details and click Pay.

  12. We will create and send you a ticket, in which we will specify the details of the order and agree on the time of license activation on your server. In the same ticket we will inform you when the licenses will be activated.

  13. Optional: if you rented user licenses, you can get generic application solutions for free.