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Connect to Selectel Cloud Availability
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Connect to Selectel Cloud Availability

You must connect to the Selectel cloud before creating the first replication job.

If you are configuring replication for a third-party provider's public cloud, you must configure site-to-site connectivity before connecting to the Selectel cloud. If you are configuring disaster recovery for a private cloud or On-Premises infrastructure, after deploying a virtual machine from a template and specifying an endpoint, connectivity is automatically configured.

  1. From Control Panel, open the Cloud Director panel: VMware-based CloudCloud Director.
  2. From the Menu menu, select Availability.
  3. Go to Peer Sites.
  4. If you are configuring cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery, in the Cloud sites block, select a site.
  5. If you are configuring disaster recovery from On-Premises to the cloud, in the On-Premises sites block, select a site.
  6. Press LOGIN.
  7. Enter Selectel cloud credentials in the format administrator-<s-xxxx>@<s-xxxx>, where <s-xxxx> is the name of the organization, can be viewed in the Cloud Director address bar or in control panel under VMware-based Cloud in the organization list. You can view the login and change the password in Control Panel under VMware-based CloudUsers. If the Selectel Cloud has a successful connection, the Management Session column in the Management Session column will have a green check mark .