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Connect disaster recovery through Cloud Availability
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Connect disaster recovery through Cloud Availability

You can connect disaster recovery to the Selectel cloud from another provider's VMware public cloud or from another provider's On-Premises infrastructure or private cloud.

To connect disaster recovery in the Selectel Control Panel, you must have organization created of a VMware-based public cloud.

If disaster recovery is connected, in the event of a disaster perform a failover.

  1. Connect disaster recovery.
  2. Connect to Cloud Availability in Selectel.
  3. Create replication job.
  4. Optional: create a disaster recovery plan.
  5. Optional: test-failover.

1. Connect disaster recovery

  1. From the public cloud provider for which you are setting up disaster recovery, request the data:

    • Local site name;
    • Service endpoint address.
  2. Create a ticket to set up connectivity on the Selectel side. In the ticket, provide the data you received from the provider.

  3. Provide similar Selectel cloud data to your provider to set up connectivity on the public cloud side. Specify as the Service endpoint address:

    • St. Petersburg —
    • Moscow —

2. Connect to Cloud Availability with Selectel

Use the Connect to Cloud Availability in Selectel instructions.

3. Create a replication job

Use the Create replication job subsection.

4. Optional: create a disaster recovery plan

Use the Recovery Plans instructions in the VMware documentation.

5. Optional: test emergency switching

Use the Test Failover instructions in the VMware documentation.