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Restore operation at the main site after an emergency switchover
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Restore operation at the main site after an emergency switchover

After a failover to a backup site, your virtual machine is permanently running in the Selectel cloud. You can synchronize the replicated virtual machine with a stopped virtual machine on the primary site (in your cloud) and set up the replication job again to use the Selectel cloud only in the event of a disaster.

To replicate data from the backup site to the primary site, both sites must have VMware Cloud Director Availability™ version 4.3 or higher installed.

Before restoring the virtual machine to the primary site:

  • make sure that the virtual machine being restored and the virtual machine on the backup site have the same number of disks;
  • make sure that at least twice as much memory is available in your cloud as is required for the replicated virtual machine.

See the Reverse a Replication instructions in the VMware documentation for more information about returning to the primary site.

Restore the virtual machine to the main site

  1. Create a reverse replication job.
  2. Perform a failover from the Selectel cloud back to your provider's cloud or On-Premises infrastructure.
  3. Delete reverse replication job.
  4. Optional: To have your virtual machine protected again, create a new replication job from your site to the Selectel cloud.