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Emergency switching
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Emergency switching

In the event of a disaster on the primary site, you must start the replicated virtual machine on the backup site manually.

The instructions address emergency switching on the Selectel side. If you have access to your cloud's Cloud Availability or On-Premises after a disaster, you can switch to the Selectel cloud in your cloud interface.

  1. From Control Panel, open the Cloud Director panel: VMware-based CloudCloud Director.

  2. From the Menu menu, select Availability.

  3. Go to Incoming Replications.

  4. Check the job for the virtual machine to be started.

  5. From the All actions menu, select Failover.

  6. Optional: To consolidate multiple separate replication instances, check the Consolidate VM disks checkbox.

  7. Optional: To power on a virtual machine after recovery, check the Power on recovered VMs checkbox.

  8. In the Network Settings box, select whether to connect the virtual machine to a specific network or use the preconfigured network settings.

  9. Press Next.

  10. Select a restore point.

  11. Press Next.

  12. Check the parameters and press Finish. After recovery, the Recovery state column in the **Recovery job row will be set to **Failed-Over**. After the failover, the virtual machine is in a different virtual data center and is no longer replicated.

  13. After restoring the virtual machine, perform one of the customizations: