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Placement Groups
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Placement Groups

A cloud server can be added to a placement group. Servers in a group can be located on different physical hosts — this increases the resiliency of the infrastructure.

A placement group is created for a specific pool. In this case, the cloud servers in the group may be in different segments within the pool.

Accommodation Policy

When creating a group you can select a group policy — this determines how servers will be placed on physical hardware:

  • preferably on different hosts (soft-anti-affinity) — the system will tend to place servers on different hosts. If there is no suitable host when the server is created, it will be created on the same host;
  • must be on different hosts (anti-affinity) — servers in a group must be located on different hosts. If we don't find a suitable host, the server will not be created.


A group can only be created for one pool.

A maximum of 100 placement groups can be created in one cloud platform project.

A maximum of 15 cloud servers can be in the same group at the same time.

You can add a cloud server to a placement group only when create cloud server.


Creating a placement group is free of charge.

Only the cloud servers in the group and other cloud-platform-computing-resources are paid according to cloud-platform-payment-model.