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Create a placement group
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Create a placement group

A placement group can be created:

  • when create cloud server — the created server will be automatically added to the group;
  • or separately — the cloud server can be added to this group only when the server is created.
  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformServers.

  2. Open the Location Groups tab.

  3. Click Create Group.

  4. Enter the name of the group.

  5. Select an accommodation policy:

    • preferably on different hosts (soft-anti-affinity) — the system will tend to place servers on different hosts. If there is no suitable host when the server is created, it will be created on the same host;
    • must be on different hosts (anti-affinity) — servers in a group must be located on different hosts. If we don't find a suitable host, the server will not be created.
  6. Click Create Group.