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Эта инструкция — копия официальной документации OpenStack Terraform-провайдера в Terraform Registry.

Use this data source to get a list of Block Storage availability zones from OpenStack

Example Usage

data "openstack_blockstorage_availability_zones_v3" "zones" {}

Argument Reference

  • region - (Optional) The region in which to obtain the Block Storage client. If omitted, the region argument of the provider is used.

  • state - (Optional) The state of the availability zones to match. Can either be available or unavailable. Default is available.

Attributes Reference

id is set to hash of the returned zone list. In addition, the following attributes are exported:

  • region - See Argument Reference above.
  • state - See Argument Reference above.
  • names - The names of the availability zones, ordered alphanumerically, that match the queried state.