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Product Description Remote Desktop Rentals (DaaS)
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Product Description Remote Desktop Rentals (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a service that allows you to work with a remote computer via a virtual desktop (VMware Horizon® based VDI) in Selectel's VMware-based cloud.

Remote desktops are only provided in the server version based on Windows Server 2019.

You can purchase any number of desks.

Tasks to be solved

  • Quickly connect users to the company's secure servers from their device or to their workstations when working remotely;
  • work with graphic applications that require large computing power and cannot run on users' devices (3D modeling, CAD, high-quality graphics, video work, etc.). д.);
  • Increased security of data storage. Since the data is not stored on the device, if you lose the device, you can disconnect it from the remote desktop.

Working principle

Selectel hosts infrastructure, networking and storage in a VMware-based cloud and delivers the virtual desktop to the user's device. You access your data and desktop applications through a browser in VMware Horizon HTML Access or through the VMware Horizon® Client.

Load balancing of virtual machines is automatic.


DaaS is provided in fixed configurations with or without GPUs. The desktops use the Windows operating system.

Configuration 1Configuration 2Configuration 3Configuration 4Configuration 5Configuration 6
vCPU2 cores4 cores8 cores4 cores4 cores8 cores
RAM4 GB8 GB16 GB16 GB32 GB32 GB
SSD200 GB200 GB200 GB200 GB200 GB200 GB

Technical description

DaaS uses:

  • NVIDIA® A16 GPU based on NVIDIA Ampere® architecture;
  • AMD EPYC™ 7343 processor with a base frequency of 3.2 GHz;
  • disk subsystem: vSSD (5 000 IOPS);
  • NVIDIA® license (included).

If you want to customize your desktops, consider renting desktops from VMware-based private cloud (from 50 desktops).

System Requirements

User device requirements

NVIDIA driver requirements in VDI

For the vGPU to work correctly in VDI, the driver version on the virtual machine must match the version installed on the virtualization host. Virtualization hosts use driver releases from the LTSB branch (Long-Term Support Branch).

For driver versions, see NVIDIA documentation.

VMware Horizon Client version requirements

If you are using VMware Horizon Client, its version must be the same as or later than VMware Horizon Connection Server and VMware Horizon Agent.

We recommend that you use the latest version of VMware Horizon Client and it can be downloaded from VMware Customer Connect website, the App Store and Google Play.

Areas of responsibility

Selectel provides:

  • maintenance and fault tolerance of the desktop;
  • backup, update and store data;
  • balancer setup;
  • monitoring;
  • connectivity between Selectel services (Selectel global router);
  • restoration of serviceability in case of failure.

Selectel is not responsible for the operation of the software running on the remote device or for the stability of the user's Internet connection.