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Payment model and prices for renting remote desktops
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Payment model and prices for renting remote desktops


To pay for remote desktop rentals, either single balance or basic balance is used depending on the balance type in the account. Money is deducted from your balance every month according to payment-model.

You can pay for computing resources with different types of funds: basic funds, bonuses or VC bonuses.

Before ordering or setting up remote desktops, top-up balance.

Payment Model

Remote desktop rentals are paid once a month. When the first paid period ends, the monthly payment will be activated. If the service is no longer needed, disconnect the monthly payment.

Blocking resources if there is not enough money on the balance

If there is not enough money in the balance to pay for the next billing period, remote desktops are suspended.

The data on the disks will be stored for seven calendar days. If the money is not received, all data will be deleted with no possibility of recovery.

To restore access, top-up balance and pay for the service. You can set up balance notifications and auto-replenishment to ensure that you always have enough money in your balance.


The cost of renting a remote desktop depends on its configuration.

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Reporting documents

After payment, you can receive accounting documents.