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General information about Selectel mail service
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General information about Selectel mail service

For your information

You can send mail through the service only from servers in Selectel infrastructure.

Selectel Mail Service — A service for securely sending domain mailings from your servers in Selectel to external networks.

The mail service does not have a web interface. You can view the statistics of mailings, get their statuses and remove addresses from the stop-list via API of the service.

Working principle

The service works like an MTA (mail transfer agent) — it sends mail from your servers to external networks without storing the data. SMTP — Simple Mail Transfer Protocol — is used for sending.

After connect service, you send mail from your server to the service's mail host (SMTP relay). You can use any utility that supports sending via SMTP to send. At the mail node, the list of recipients is checked — addresses that are in the stop-list are excluded. The mail is then sent to the remaining recipients.

Note possible errors in SMTP dialog.


During the beta testing period, Selectel mail service is free of charge if you have a paid server in the Selectel infrastructure. We will notify you in advance of the inclusion of payment.


The service has no restrictions on the number of newsletter recipients, email size or number of attachments.

We recommend:

  • limit the weight of the email to no more than 5 MB. Recipient mail services may reject heavyweight emails as suspicious;
  • send one email to one recipient. If you specify multiple recipients and at least one is in the stop-list, the email will not be sent to any of them.