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An image is an exact copy of the disk's file system and its contents. From the images you can create cloud servers or create boot disks for cloud servers.

Can be used for:

  • pre-installed images — images with pre-installed operating system prepared by Selectel specialists;
  • own-images — images that you can upload to the image repository yourself.

Finished images

The finished images are prepared by Selectel specialists. For each ready image, the working environment is prepared, the necessary parameters are configured, and the build is performed. The images are fully compatible with the cloud platform.

You can view the list of ready images in Control Panel: under Cloud PlatformServers → click Create Server → block Source → click Select another source → tab Ready Images.

Own images

If you need an image to create a cloud server that is not in the ready list, you can upload your image to the image repository.

You can migrate servers from other cloud platforms or within the Selectel Cloud Platform using your own images, and clone cloud servers from disk images.

Supported image formats are aki, ami, ari, iso, raw, qcow2, vdi, vhd, vhdx and vmdk. Some ami format images (Amazon Machine Image images for running the server) require an additional download of aki (Amazon kernel image) and ari (Amazon RAM image) images.

Supported container formats are aki, ami, ari, bare, ova, ovf.


Ready images are included in the price of cloud servers and are not paid additionally.

The cost of storing your own image depends on its size and the pool it is loaded into. Storage of your own images is paid for using cloud platform payment model.

Prices for image storage can be viewed at