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Create a disk
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Create a disk

network volume can be created with the cloud server or created separately and then connected to the server.

Local disk is only created with the cloud server.

You can create a network volume from a variety of sources:

  • empty — this disk initially contains no data. You can use it to scale the disk space on your cloud server;
  • from an image — prepared by Selectel or your own downloaded image. You can use it to replace the boot disk when restoring a server or to clone a server;
  • from another disk, snapshot or backup — create a copy of the disk.

The cost of a network disk depends on the disk type and the pool segment in which it is created. Calculate the cost in resource calculator.

  1. In Control Panel, go to Cloud PlatformDisks.
  2. Click Create Disk.
  3. Enter a new disk name or leave the name that is automatically created.
  4. Select the disk location — pool and pool segment. This should be the cloud server pool segment to which you will later connect the disk. The pool segment affects the cost and limits of the disk.
  5. Select the disk source (ready-image, own-image, disk, snapshot or backup) and click Select. If you want to create a blank disk, skip this step.
  6. Select disk type. The disks differ in read/write speeds and throughput values.
  7. Specify the disk size in GB. The size of the disk created from the source must be equal to or larger than the size of the source. We recommend that you do not exceed disk limits for the maximum size. Once created, the disk cannot be directly shrunk.
  8. Configure scheduled backups for the disk. Select a previously created plan or create a new one.
  9. Click Create Disk.