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Эта инструкция — копия официальной документации OpenStack Terraform-провайдера в Terraform Registry.

Use this data source to get a list of Openstack Subnet IDs matching the specified criteria.

Example Usage

data "openstack_networking_subnet_ids_v2" "subnets" {
name_regex = "public"
tags = [

Argument Reference

  • region - (Optional) The region in which to obtain the V2 Neutron client. A Neutron client is needed to retrieve subnet ids. If omitted, the region argument of the provider is used.

  • name - (Optional) The name of the subnet.

  • description - (Optional) Human-readable description of the subnet.

  • dhcp_enabled - (Optional) If the subnet has DHCP enabled.

  • network_id - (Optional) The ID of the network the subnet belongs to.

  • tenant_id - (Optional) The owner of the subnet.

  • ip_version - (Optional) The IP version of the subnet (either 4 or 6).

  • gateway_ip - (Optional) The IP of the subnet's gateway.

  • cidr - (Optional) The CIDR of the subnet.

  • ipv6_address_mode - (Optional) The IPv6 address mode. Valid values are dhcpv6-stateful, dhcpv6-stateless, or slaac.

  • ipv6_ra_mode - (Optional) The IPv6 Router Advertisement mode. Valid values are dhcpv6-stateful, dhcpv6-stateless, or slaac.

  • subnetpool_id - (Optional) The ID of the subnetpool associated with the subnet.

  • tags - (Optional) The list of subnet tags to filter.

  • sort_key - (Optional) Sort subnets based on a certain key. Defaults to none.

  • sort_direction - (Optional) Order the results in either asc or desc. Defaults to none.

Attributes Reference

ids is set to the list of Openstack Subnet IDs.