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Project limits and quotas
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Project limits and quotas

Each cloud platform project defaults to project-limits, which are limits on the creation of cloud resources. Project limits can only be changed through technical support.

Within project limits, users with defined roles can increase or decrease quotas on resources in the control panel or via API — learn more about change-quotas.

Project limits

In cloud-platform projects, the limit per cloud resource is the maximum number of resource that can be created in a single project. Limits are set automatically when the project is created.

The limits of a single resource may differ across pools and pool segments. By default, the limits of a particular resource in one pool or pool segment are the same across all projects in the account.

You can increase the limit of any project through technical support. Different limits can be set for different projects. As you use the cloud platform, the limits may increase automatically.

Increase the project limit

Different limits can be set for different projects.

  1. Create a ticket. Limits will increase in only one project.
  2. Increase quotas.


Quotas can be used to limit the creation of cloud resources in a project — to control consumption and limit costs.

When the quantity of the resource reaches the quota value, the resource will stop being created. For example, you have allocated a quota in one project to create ten vCPU cores in the ru-7a pool segment. Until you increase the quota, no more than ten cores will be created. You can completely limit the creation of a resource — set the quota to zero.

When a project is created, quotas equal to project-limits are allocated to each resource by default. The quota values of a single resource may differ between pools and pool segments. You can change quotas within the project limit.

Unused quotas are not paid for — you only pay for the resources you use. For example, if you allocated a quota for ten public IP addresses, but created three IP addresses — only three addresses will be paid for.

Change quotas

The quota value per resource can be increased or decreased, but only within project-limits. A single resource can be allocated different numbers of quotas in different pools and pool segments.

You can change all project quotas at the same time: increase to the maximum (project limit) or decrease to the current consumption.

Quotas can be changed via Cloud Quota Management API or in the control panel.

  1. In dashboard, go to Cloud PlatformQuotas.
  2. In the row of the desired quota → in the Quota column, click .
  3. Specify a new quota value. The quota value must be at least equal to the current consumption and can be viewed in the Use column. If you have reached the maximum quota value, increase project-limit.
  4. Click .
  5. Optional: to raise all project quotas to the project limit, select Raise all project quotas to maximum from the menu ( ). To reduce all quotas to current consumption, select Reduce all project quotas to consumption.

View consumption

You can see the maximum possible consumption for the current number of quotas (how much the project will spend if all quotas are used) and the current consumption of each resource and pool.

  1. In dashboard, go to Cloud PlatformQuotas.
  2. View the current consumption of each resource in the Consumption column.
  3. To see the maximum possible consumption of the project, click **How much will the project consume if I use all the allocated quotas?