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Creates and manages a service user for Selectel products using public API v2. Selectel products support Identity and Access Management (IAM). For more information about service users, see the official Selectel documentation.

When you create users, they do not have any roles. To grant a role, use the selectel_vpc_role_v2 resource.


The user password is stored as raw data in a plain-text file. Learn more about sensitive data in state.

Example Usage

resource "selectel_vpc_user_v2" "user_1" {
name = "username"
password = "verysecret"
enabled = true

Argument Reference

  • name - (Required) Name of the service user. Changing this updates the name of the existing user.

  • password - (Required, Sensitive) Password of the service user. Changing this updates the password of the existing user.

  • enabled - (Optional) Specifies if you can create a Cloud Platform Keystone token for the user. Boolean flag, the default value is true. Learn more about Cloud Platform Keystone tokens.