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Create a network
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Create a network

The network is created within Edge-router. Without using an Edge router, you can only connect the virtual data center to the Internet via a Direct Connected subnet, see the Public Cloud Networks instructions for details.

  1. From Control Panel, open the Cloud Director panel: Cloud powered by VMwareCloud Director.

  2. Open the NetworkingNetworks tab.

  3. Press New. The network creation wizard will start.

  4. In the Scope step, select a data center or group of data centers.

  5. Press Next.

  6. In the Network Type step, select network type. Access from the Internet requires a Routed type network.

  7. Press Next.

  8. In the Edge Connection step, select the Edge router.

  9. In the Connection Type field, select the Internal interface type.

  10. Press Next.

  11. In step General, enter the name of the network.

  12. In the Gateway CIDR field, specify the gateway in CIDR format. CIDR is a format that specifies the IP address and the number of bits of the subnet mask (e.g.,

  13. Optional: To allow network usage in other virtual datacenters within the same organization, enable the Shared toggle switch.

  14. Press Next.

  15. In the Static IP pool step, specify the range of addresses to be automatically assigned to the virtual machines, in the format <ip_address_1> - <ip_address_2>. Specify:

    • <ip_address_1> is the starting address of the subnet;
    • <ip_address_2> is the final IP address of the subnet.

    At the bottom will be the number of available IPs (total:20).

  16. Optional: under DNS, specify the DNS for your network (e.g. The default gateway address is specified, but it must be configured separately.

  17. Press Finish.