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Recovery scenarios
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Recovery scenarios

For any scenario recovery, a consistent backup must be made of the Entire computer, individual partitions (Volume level backup) or individual files or folders (File level backup).

Recovery is available at levels:

  • files and folders (File Level Restore):

    • through the Veeam Service Provider Console portal (;
    • with Veeam Recovery Media (Linux only);
    • with a backup agent, possibly on a running machine. Restore via backup agent interface and command line is available;
  • partitions (Volume Restore) using the backup agent;

  • virtual machine (Bare Metal Recovery) with Veeam Recovery Media, possible when the operating system is inoperable. Recovery of the entire machine, entire disks or individual partitions is available;

  • virtual machine to Cloud powered by VMware (using Veeam Recovery Media) — recovery for Linux machine migration to Cloud powered by VMware. The required image is already available in the library.

Learn more about using recovery modes in Veeam documentation: