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Create a monitoring metric
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Create a monitoring metric

  1. In Control Panel, go to MonitoringMonitoring.

  2. Check that you haven't exhausted your paid metrics limit — it's displayed on the top right and shows how many metrics you've already created and how many total metrics you can create. If the limit is exhausted, order additional metrics. Three metrics are provided free of charge.

  3. Click Create Metric.

  4. Enter the name of the metric and tags to filter.

  5. Select metric type.

  6. Enter host or IP — the domain name or IP address of the server to be checked. Select the priority of the protocol to be checked.

  7. Select the test period — how often the test will be performed.

  8. Select the test timeout — the period of time after which the test will be considered unsuccessful.

  9. Select the sequence in which the checks are performed:

    • sequentially — from all selected presence points one by one;
    • parallel — from all selected points simultaneously;
    • in random order.
  10. Specify additional parameters, they are individual for each type.

  11. Mark the checkpoints. The points have their IP addresses — if the server you are using has a firewall installed, include these addresses in the firewall rules.

  12. Optional: configure notifications and reports.

  13. Optional: test the metric — click Test Metric.

  14. If you want to leave the new metric inactive, uncheck Include metric immediately after creation.

  15. Click Create and Run.