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General information about the Monitoring service
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General information about the Monitoring service

With the Monitoring service, you can check the availability of various services from multiple locations on the Internet and set up notifications about the result of the checks.

You can also order service administration to have Selectel specialists set up a monitoring system for your services.


Metrics are terms for testing a service for accessibility from different points on the web.

There are 17 types of metrics available.

PINGPresence of communication with the server, helps to measure the delay from the test point to the server
TCPTCP port status
UDPUDP port status
SSHConnecting without authorization, SSH banner
SMTP/POP3/IMAPMail operability by selected protocol
DNSCorrectness of domain name to IP address conversion
HTTP GETContent and response code, search for substring in returned data
HTTP HEADLightweight GET request, checks if the document is available on the server by response code without downloading the document body
HTTP Basic AuthorizationBasic Authorization Mechanism
HTTP DigestDigest Authorization Mechanism
FTPFTP server availability
PostgreSQLPostgreSQL database availability
MySQLMySQL database availability
RedisRedis database availability
SSLSSL certificate expiration date for domain name


The service is billed monthly, the cost depends on the number of metrics. The first three metrics per month are free.

You can view the cost and pay for metrics in dashboard: go to Monitoring → click Order Metrics.