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Restore from backup
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Restore from backup

Restore via Recovery Media

If the OS fails to boot, you can restore the backup using Recovery Media — a system image with drivers. This scenario will require pre-created bootable media.

  1. In the Cyber Backup panel, in the upper right corner, click DownloadsBootable media.
  2. Wait for the image to download to your device.
  3. Connect the image to the machine.
  4. Boot the machine using bootable media. Bootable Backup Agent opens.
  5. Press Recovery.
  6. Download the image.
  7. Press Customize Network Settings.
  8. Set the network configuration and press OK. The machine must have internet access.
  9. Click Manage this machine locallyRestore.
  10. If you created bootable media when installing the agent and you still have the registration code, click Register Media and enter the code. Proceed to step 13.
  11. Click Select DataOverviewCloud StorageEnter.
  12. Enter the account information used to log in to the Cyber Backup panel and press OK.
  13. Select the machine, recovery point, and mark the data to recover (logical volumes, physical disks, or files).
  14. Check the parameters.
  15. Click Recover Disk 1, where Disk 1 is the name of the data to recover.
  16. Specify the disk or volume on which the backup will be restored.
  17. Press OK. You can monitor the recovery progress on the Recovery Progress tab.

Restore via the Cyber Backup panel

For more information on recovering via the panel (web interface), see Recovering files using the web interface of the Cyber Backup documentation.

  1. In Cyber Backup panel, go to Devices.
  2. In the machine card, click Restore.
  3. Select a restore point.
  4. If the backup is encrypted, enter the password.
  5. Select the files and directories to restore and click Restore.
  6. If you need to download individual files, click Download.
  7. If you need to download directories from the backup, in the backup list, click Other ways to restoreDownload files.