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General product information Cloud Server with ispmanager
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General product information Cloud Server with ispmanager

ispmanager is a web server and site management panel. In ispmanager you can manage domains, DNS, mail, databases and users, install CMS and certificates, configure redirects, edit files and perform other tasks.

To work with the ispmanager panel, you can create a cloud server with a ready-made operating system image. We provide the image only for the ispmanager Lite version — you can add a maximum of ten domains.


When using a cloud server with ispmanager, the computing resources of the cloud server are paid according to cloud-platform-payment-model.

Before creating a server, top-up balance.

Prices for computing resources can be viewed at

Additionally you need to purchase a license — leave an application on the official website ispmanager. The license must be activated the first time you open the ispmanager panel. You can activate a trial license for 14 days.

Create a cloud server with ispmanager

Use the Create cloud server instruction.


  • source is a ready-made image ispmanager Lite 6.86.1 Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 64-bit;

  • a configuration suitable for the load. See the system requirements in the Hardware Requirements table of the ispmanager documentation.

    For example, if you have less than 10 sites, choose a cloud server configuration with a vCPU of 1 core or more, RAM of 2 GB or more, and a boot disk capacity of 20 GB or more;

  • network — a public IP address or public subnet.

Open the ispmanager panel

  1. Open the page https://<ip_address>:1500/ in your browser

    Specify <ip_address> — the public IP address of the cloud server. You can look in control panel under Cloud PlatformServers → server page → Ports tabPublic IP column.

  2. Authorize in the ispmanager panel. Use:

    • login — root;
    • password — password of the root user. You can look in control panel under Cloud PlatformServers → server page → Console tabPassword field.
  3. The browser will display a warning about an insecure connection due to a missing certificate. Ignore the warning and open the page.

  4. Activate the license. For more information about licenses, see the Licensing instructions in the ispmanager documentation.