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Prepare and place the server in the data center
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Prepare and place the server in the data center

  1. Prepare the server: make sure it is up and running and meets our requirements:

  2. Download the Terms and Conditions of Communication Services for your account type:

  3. Print the document in duplicate, complete and sign. If you have already signed the "Terms and Conditions of Communication Services" before or if you are placing equipment in Dubrovka (when placing equipment for the first time, the "Terms and Conditions of Communication Services" must be taken to Tsvetochnaya), you do not need to sign anything again.

  4. Attach the server sled to the server to mount the server in a 19" cabinet, as well as power cords and fasteners.

  5. Configure the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS on the server.

  6. Create a ticket to coordinate equipment delivery times. Our data centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  7. Deliver equipment to the data center. You must have the "Terms and Conditions of Communications Services" in duplicate (if you are placing equipment for the first time) and:

    • for legal entities — passport; for a person who can act without a power of attorney (e.g. general director) — seal of the organization; for other persons — original power of attorney to sign the act of acceptance of equipment;
    • for individuals — passport, if you bring the equipment in person. If the equipment is brought by a trusted person ─ Power of Attorney.
  8. Give the server and signed "Terms and Conditions of Communication Services" in duplicate to the technical support staff.

  9. Draw up and sign equipment acceptance certificate in duplicate.

  10. When the technical support staff installs the server, we will send a notification in a ticket. Receiving and installing equipment can take anywhere from two to 24 hours. Provision of the service starts from the moment the server is installed in the server cabinet and connected to the network.