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Hosted server traffic consumption model
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Hosted server traffic consumption model

Traffic Consumption Model — a scheme to account for all hosted server traffic (incoming, outgoing) that passes through an Internet port.

You can choose one of the traffic accounting schemes:

  • speed accounting:

    • 100 Mbps bandwidth enabled;
    • without restrictions on incoming and outgoing traffic volume;
    • it is possible to extend the lane with additional services.
  • traffic volume accounting:

    • 30 TB of traffic per month included;
    • without channel speed restrictions — limited only by the speed of the physical connection;
    • it is possible to purchase the volume of traffic using additional services. The cost of additional services is displayed in control panel on the server page → Services tab.

In case of load surges, for example, after an advertising campaign, we recommend to choose a band with the speed equal to the physical port — the bandwidth is practically unlimited, but you will have to pay extra for traffic over 30 TB per month. The model with 100 Mbps bandwidth has no traffic limits — it is more suitable for a database, for example.

If the set limits are exceeded, you will receive an overage notification.

If the limits defined by the traffic consumption model are exceeded, the speed/traffic is not limited but additionally charged. This avoids interruptions to the software hosted on the server.

The accounting scheme can be changed no more often than once a month. For example, if the traffic accounting scheme was changed on February 21, it will not be possible to return to the previous scheme until March 21.

The consumption meter is reset on the first of each month — if you change your consumption pattern to a new one in the middle or at the end of the month, the "full" 30TB limit will be available until the beginning of the next calendar month.

View traffic consumption model

The accounting scheme is specified in the control panel in the server card on the Network tab.

Change the traffic consumption pattern

To change the selected traffic accounting scheme:

  1. From the menu (⋮), press Change Consumption Pattern.
  2. In the window that opens, confirm the change of traffic consumption model by clicking the Change consumption model button.

As a result of the actions performed, the traffic consumption pattern will be changed.

You can go back to the previous one in a month.

In case the monthly limit of 30 TB is exhausted, you will be sent a traffic limit exceeded notification.

You can purchase additional traffic volume (tab Services section Available services under the selected volume-based billing scheme). After purchasing an additional traffic package, the monthly volume meter will increase and will be valid until the first day of the next calendar month.