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Virtual firewall payment and pricing model
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Virtual firewall payment and pricing model


Depending on the type of balances in the account, united balance or basic balance is used for payment.

You can pay for the firewall with different types of funds: basic funds, bonuses or VK bonuses.

Before paying top-up balance.

Payment Model

When you rent virtual firewall, you pay extra for the cloud resources that the screen uses — for example, vCPU, RAM, public IP addresses, external traffic. The fees for these resources are calculated and charged separately according to the payment model and pricing of the product in which the firewall is deployed — cloud server or private or Public Cloud powered by VMware.

Virtual firewalls are paid monthly on a rate plan that determines the payment amount. The payday is set on the day the firewall image is transferred in the ticket, along with this the first paid month starts.

You can view the last payment date and monthly payment amount in control panel in the account menu (account number) → Balance and PaymentsServices.

When the paid month ends, the firewall automatically renews for another month. If the firewall is no longer needed, dispense with it.

Blocking resources if there is not enough money on the balance


Charges for cloud resources on which the firewall is deployed are not included in the firewall plan. It is charged every hour on a pay-as-you-go model at cloud servers or private or Public Cloud powered by VMware prices. If there are insufficient funds in the balance, resources are blocked and the firewall stops working. If the balance is not topped up within 14 days, the server on which the firewall is deployed will be deleted with no possibility of recovery.

If there are not enough funds on your balance at the time of debiting to pay the full tariff, the firewall will continue to work. You will receive a ticket reminding you to recharge.

If the money takes a long time to arrive or there is no possibility to top up the balance, legal entities can arrange a deferred payment for up to five days.


The cost of renting a virtual firewall depends on the selected model and additional modules.

View prices at. If the configuration you are interested in is not available on the website, create a ticket to calculate the price.

Reporting documents

After payment, you can receive accounting documents.